Hospitality Case Study

Turner’s Seafood Grill & Market

Salem, MA

Family-owned Turner’s Fisheries has been providing customers with the highest quality seafood nationwide since 1920. The family opened its first restaurant, Turner’s Seafood Grill & Markets, in Melrose, MA in 1994. CM&B was selected to provide Construction Management Services during the two expansions of their Melrose site. When the time came to open their second restaurant (located in Salem, MA), CM&B partnered with the Turner family to renovate the historic Lyceum building located at 43 Church Street.

Project Highlights:

  • Conversion of a former restaurant located in a building that was erected in 1831 to a new 4,000-SF restaurant while maintaining the architecture and preserving the history of the space.
  • CM&B provided Pre-Construction Services to ensure adherence to the established budget and schedule and to coordinate the installation and functionality of new mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems, as well as all-new kitchen equipment. Infrastructure work included complete boiler system replacement, upgraded refrigeration system and gas and electrical utility systems upgrades.
  • Work was completed in a span of 14 weeks.

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