Meet our People: Jeanine Wilson

What has been your greatest accomplishment since starting at CM&B?

Since joining CM&B in 2020, I have worked on projects in the grocery/hospitality sector, which was a different part of the business for me. Still, it allowed me to utilize the skills and knowledge I gained from the retail side to plan and execute all aspects of the project, maintain client requirements, coordinate with my team, and ensure that client outcomes are delivered on time. Also, with my team’s support, I have grown into a Project Executive role and expanded my leadership skills in leading a project management team and developing strategies not only for project execution but for new client development.

Jeanine Wilson (center) with Nikole Loayza (left) from Henderson Engineering and McKenzie Samp (right) from BRR at Whole Foods Market One Wall Street, NY

Who/what has been most influential in your career and growth?

I have been blessed to have met mentors at every level of my career who not only provided guidance on the skills required to manage and deliver successful projects in this industry but supported my goals and ambitions and were a sounding board throughout the good and challenging times. I am also inspired by the other women and people of color in this industry I have met or noticed from afar, who tirelessly work hard and create opportunities for others through their work or direct efforts. Through their leadership, I have seen the possibilities for my own creation and know that they are endless for my success. 

Jeanine Wilson and the New York Team - Summer Boat Outing

As a Project Executive, what advice would you give a new Project Manager starting off?

A few pieces of advice I would give are:

  1. Set a high standard of excellence for yourself and work to achieve it. Communicate your objectives to your team to align with the project’s goals.
  2. Be confident in your decisions and know that while the details are important, always keep the project’s primary goals in mind.
  3. In challenging times, listen to your gut and know everything will be okay!

What are you most looking forward to in 2023?

Traveling with my friends and family, continuing with my health and fitness goals, and going to see Beyonce in concert!

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