Meet our People: Caleb Peterson

What has been your greatest accomplishment since starting at CM&B?

My greatest accomplishment since starting CM&B has been my promotion to project manager. As someone who wants to hold the reins, I’ve always gravitated toward leadership roles. Before starting with CM&B as an assistant superintendent, I wanted to become a project manager. It was a five-year goal for me, but to say that “I” accomplished this role would be a misstatement. I was led and guided every step of the way. The management staff of CM&B knew my goals, and they were dedicated to helping me achieve them. All I’ve had to do for the past four and a half years is show up with the right attitude and be ready to work. My lord and savior, Jesus Christ, and CM&B have handled the rest.

Star Market Boston - Project Team

Who has been influential in your career and growth?

When surrounded by excellence, it can be difficult to identify an individual instance or person as having had the biggest impact on my career. Since it’s hard to say who or what has been the most impactful, I think that the right person to identify would be the person who first introduced me to the CM&B standard of excellence, Paul Murphy. My experience at Star Market with Paul in 2019-2020 was a defining moment in my career. After transitioning from residential construction in the Southeast to commercial construction in downtown Boston, I was well in over my head. Everything was new for me. Luckily I had Paul to set the bar for me. He defined what a well-run project looked, sounded, and felt like. The level of preparation he displayed to me day in and day out was unlike anything I had experienced. He showed me the same level of commitment and attention to detail displayed by many people throughout CM&B across all positions. Joel Matthews also played an enormous role in my professional development. Joel taught me countless things about construction procedures and managing job sites, but the thing that has stuck with me the most is Joel’s dedication to safety and client satisfaction. I truly feel surrounded by the most talented and hardworking people in the construction industry. I’m influenced for the better on a daily basis, whether in the field or the office.

As a Project Manager, what advice would you give someone interested in construction management?

As a young project manager, the best advice I have for someone interested in construction management is to spend time in the field. There’s no better way to learn about the industry than by being in the trenches. My experience in the field has carried me through my career. We’re a construction company, and our superintendents manage the actual construction. Foreseeing, understanding, and providing for the superintendent’s needs is critical.

What do you strive to build in your everyday life?

A life worth living is all about building and maintaining positive relationships with as many people as you can on a daily basis. No one can make it alone; we all need others at some point. 

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