Building Food Stores is not just something we do — it is something upon which we have built our reputation. Our experience in building large-scale retail food footprints, including multi-level facilities, various dining options, food halls, industrial kitchen spaces, in-house climate-controlled storage and refrigeration and freezer facilities, ensures our ability to meet the high standards of our clients. We’ve built rooftop greenhouses, on-site solar-powered generators and massive food preparation areas for the largest, most innovative retail food stores in the country. CM&B excels at understanding what the end consumer wants and creates brand experiences that meet and keep our clients on the cutting edge of providing engaging experiences for their customers.

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Star Market at the Hub on Causeway

Boston, MA
CM&B proudly partnered with Star Market on the construction of their new 60,000-SF Flagship food store at the new Hub on Causeway located adjacent to the TD Garden. The property features
  • Scope of work included construction of a new Starbucks on the ground level and a Pizzeria Regina Kiosk on the basement level
  • CM&B placed a new topping slab after all in slab utilities were completed and successfully secured tying into all base building utilities
  • Construction was completed in 26 weeks and contain the following departments: Grocery, Beer/Wine and Liquor, Bakery, Meat, Seafood, Deli, Prepared Foods, Floral, Instacart and Dairy

Whole Foods Market at Third and 3rd

Brooklyn, NY
CM&B partnered with Whole Foods Market on the construction of their new 56,000-SF and LEED Platinum food store. The entire 4-acre contaminated Brownfield site had to be remediated and redeveloped to preserve the Gowanus Canal it sits next to. The property features
  • 320-KW solar array including nineteen individual solar/wind powered site parking light fixtures and six parking lot solar canopies which provide power back to the utility grid
  • Heating and cooling systems are integrated in a co-generation plant that includes a backup generator, heat reclaim systems and chillers which provide heating, cooling, and hot water to the store
  • On-site water management system recycles rainwater and grey water for non-potable uses including restroom fixtures and irrigation
  • 20,000-SF rooftop greenhouse uses hydroponic technology to harvest fresh produce for the store
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Grocery Experts

Rob Harrison
Robert Harrison
Jeff Anderson
Jeffrey Anderson
Tom Tassinari
Tom Tassinari
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Leah Blackman

Project List

Whole Foods Market
New England Region
Star Market
Roche Brothers Supermarkets / Brothers Marketplace
MOM's Organic Market
The Fresh Market
Martin's Food Market
Whole Foods Market
Tri-State Region
CMI_9576 W
Aldi Supermarkets
Wegmans Food Markets
Big-Y-1-of-1 W
Big Y World Class Market
Price Chopper Super Center
Whole Foods Market
West Coast Region
Hannaford Supermarket
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Mrs. Green's Natural Market

Food Store Trends

Re-purposing a Multi-Level Retail Space to a Food Store

CM&B experts recently spoke at the Food Marketing Institute’s annual Energy & Store Development Conference on the complexities associated with re-purposing a Multi-Level Retail Space to a Food Store with various formats.

Due to the change in retail, the amount of malls impacted by losing their large retail anchors has significantly grown creating a wave of dark spaces. This vast amount of empty retail space, in turn, has created a potential opportunity for new growth areas that come with new challenges. Our team members addressed the many factors involved in such a project including Structural Engineering, Logistical Planning, Building Envelope, Mechanical Improvements, Vertical Transportation Requirements and Waterproofing Requirements just to name a few.

Our team understands the cost factors associated with converting a retail mall space vs. ground up construction, as well as the unique challenges of constructing in an urban mall environment. Contact us today to learn how CM&B can better serve you with these new growth opportunities within the retail industry.