Women In Construction Week – 2022

Traditionally, women have been underrepresented in the construction industry.  At CM&B, we are proud that 30% of our workforce is comprised of women, both in the field and office.  While the industry continues to evolve, it is important to draw attention to and educate all women about opportunities. Working together, we can open doors for women and men alike.  To celebrate Women in Construction at CM&B, we are pleased to highlight two members of our project management staff: Jeanine Wilson and BJ Whennen.

Meet Jeanine Wilson, a Senior Project Manager and up-and-coming leader at CM&B. Jeanine has over 13 years of experience planning and executing large-scale multi-million-dollar projects across multiple sectors, including luxury retail, grocery, and hospitality. Since she joined CM&B in 2020, her professionalism, expertise, and commitment have gained her the wide-spread respect of her coworkers and our business partners, including owners and subcontractors. Her thoroughness and understanding of the construction management process have earned her accolades from one of our long-term clients. An authentic proponent of CM&B’s People.Building culture, Jeanine actively assists with recruiting efforts and has introduced several valuable staffing additions to our Tri-state subcontractor base.  Jeanine is actively involved with the Council of Urban Real Estate (C.U.R.E.) and mentors and coaches newer hires in our New York City office, providing advice and guidance on acclimating to CM&B and developing the professional and interpersonal skills needed to succeed in the construction industry.

Meet BJ Whennen a Project Executive and a true industry veteran with a career that includes working both in the field and for the owner’s side. BJ is much more than a project manager; she is a project leader positioning everyone on the team to succeed. Her thoughtful planning combined with purchasing and execution delivers highly predictable results. She joined CM&B in 2020, bringing nearly 25 years of pre-construction and construction management experience specializing in field operations and project management integration, both domestic and global. BJ’s professional experience offers a broad background in the retail, hospitality, and health care sectors. She spent five years in Macau and Saipan where she oversaw projects valued at $400 million and worked for the owners overseeing a $2.2 billion hotel and casino project that opened in the summer of 2019. “Some project executives are great at putting fires out, but the truly great ones prevent the fire from starting. That is BJ,” said Peter Campot, Senior Vice President of Construction and Facilities at Encore Boston Harbor.

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