Women In Construction Week – 2021

Please allow us to introduce Kate Grady, President of rebars & mesh. Kate’s company is an independent WBE/DBE-certified reinforcing steel fabricator and a long-standing supplier partner with CM&B.  Their competitiveness and responsive service have always been excellent in supporting our estimating and construction needs.

Name a memorable piece of advice you received that
impacted your career in a positive way?

Take care of the customer – don’t give them a reason to choose someone else.

When did you know Construction was right for you?

After working several years in a different field, I knew, shortly after joining the family business, that I was exactly where I belonged.  

To date what has been your most challenging project or situation in your construction role?

The most challenging situation would be managing the COVID situation – keeping employees safe while simultaneously fulfilling our obligations to our customers.

What do you find the biggest challenge with being a woman in construction?

There are always people who assume you’re less experienced than a man would be. Fewer all the time though. 

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