There’s Always A Solution

Those in the Science & Technology sector are entrepreneurial by nature. They’re looking for something new. Looking for answers. Looking for the next big device or cure. They are out-of-the-box thinkers who aren’t afraid of a challenge but instead use their trials and investigations as launch pads for innovation. Service providers working with leaders in Science & Technology should have the same outlook: There is an answer to every problem, but getting that answer demands tenacity, creativity, and collaboration.

In construction, it’s important to understand these qualities and apply them to every project. In dealing with each project’s unique challenges, you construct buildings and help your clients meet their business requirements. Whether the challenge is meeting extraordinary utility requirements, phased construction, or dealing with supply chain issues plaguing the construction industry, a solution-oriented process can set you apart from the competition. 

Recently, one of CM&B’s Science & Technology clients faced a situation that threatened to substantially delay their need for speed to market. Finding a solution was critical to the success of this project. We’ve presented a case study below that identifies the challenge, the solution, and the outcome. 

Medical Device Manufacturing Facility - MA

Electrical Switchgear Panel - Interior

THE CHALLENGE: For our client, a best-in-class medical device manufacturer, the faster their products get to market, the faster they’re extending a patient’s life. 

A major electrical upgrade at their new Beverly, MA facility required new switchboards. The vendor initially quoted a 52+ week timeframe for these switchboards, which presented a major production challenge for our client.

THE SOLUTION: Our team immediately began researching options to get our client producing on schedule. Working with our industry network, our team negotiated the purchase of a new, compatible switchboard from another CM&B business partner, which ultimately meant our client could start production of their devices within 24 weeks as originally planned.

THE OUTCOME: We collaborated with the original switchboard vendor and secured expedited delivery of the remaining switchboards at no cost to our client. We will continue working with our client in a phased approach as the additional switchboards become available to secure optimal production and delivery to market.

Electrical Switchgear - Exterior

How have you navigated the supply chain issues plaguing the construction industry over the last two years? We’d love to hear from you and compare notes. become available to secure optimal production and delivery to market.

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