The Estimating Team at CM&B is growing!


Joe Rodriguez, Estimator

“What separates CM&B from any other general contractor/construction manager is definitely the people.  Construction, in general, is a process that many GC’s have practiced and perfected; the process of putting together an estimate can seem repetitive but being surrounded by a successful and motivating team keeps you excited to continue the pursuit of becoming a better Estimator.”- Joe Rodriguez, Estimator

Patrick Chafe, Estimator

“To me, what makes CM&B unique, is the environment we work in.  CM&B has a very strong team dynamic. The company gives the personal attention and opportunity for growth that you see in a small company but also provides the experience of complex projects and professionalism that you see in a large company.”- Pat Chafe, Estimator

Joe Rodriguez and Pat Chafe are two estimators with different career paths that led them to CM&B.  Pat was an intern with CM&B three times over the course of his studies at Wentworth Institute of Technology.  “Pat’s attention to detail and eagerness to learn were traits we identified during his internships.  Through the early stages of his career at CM&B, these two attributes have expedited his development into a strong contributor in our estimating department” Executive Vice President Tim Puopolo remarked when asked what set Pat apart as an intern.  Over the last seven years, Pat has continued to learn and develop his skills in value engineering and preparing conceptual budgets.  Through project strategy meetings and peer-reviewed estimates, the estimators receive valuable feedback and learn from their peers as well as experienced team members in other departments. 

Joe Rodriguez was referred to CM&B through another member of the estimating department and started with the company during the middle of the pandemic.  Joe was enticed by the culture of People.Building. and opportunities for growth.  He has enjoyed taking on new challenges in larger, more complex projects.  One of his first projects at CM&B was the BMW Herb Chambers dealership in Medford, MA. The project was daunting at first, but through determination and a willingness to ask the right questions of his seasoned teammates, Joe and the team put together a winning estimate. “Joe has a great ability to start an estimate off strong and to spend the time upfront to position himself to deliver a quality estimate to our clients. Joe is resourceful, he is a great communicator, and he approaches his estimates with incredible attention to detail. We’re very excited for his continued growth and see a bright future for Joe here at CM&B”– Tim Puopolo, Executive Vice President


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