Safety isn’t expensive; it’s priceless.

The Robert Harrison Safety Award is issued quarterly, spotlighting our field staff who go above and beyond in their efforts to address site safety. These individuals have consistently displayed outstanding safety, health performance, and dedication to their projects. CM&B is committed to safety and recognizing those superintendents who are determined through preparation, training, and leadership to ensure our sites are safe places to work.

Derek Harmon - Safety Award Winner - Q1 2023

Derek Harmon
Derek Harmon - Superintendent

Derek Harmon has been supervising many of CM&B’s occupied remodels for several years. The focus on safety for those projects goes beyond a safety program designed for the construction workforce; it also must consider store operations staff and the general public.

Most recently, he has been working on a project in a bustling area in Cambridge with an outstanding safety track record. There have been at least four recent site visits where Contractors Risk Management found no safety infractions.

Derek puts tremendous effort into ensuring that all work is done safely on his site and understands what it takes. His continued diligence and unwavering commitment to keeping the operations team, subcontractors, clients, and public safe on his site makes him well-respected amongst team members and industry partners.

Paul Murphy - Safety Award Winner - Q4 2022

Paul Murphy
Paul Murphy - Senior Superintendent

Paul Murphy was recognized for his leadership on the Dana Hall project. The complexity of the Dana Hall site stems from a difficult addition to an existing dated structure, based on site logistics while occurring on a very active school campus. Paul is proactive in preventing safety issues and has detailed plans in place for the site. He utilizes all available resources to confirm that his approach to various logistical concerns complies with the safest method. Paul communicates with his coworkers and subcontractors to ensure a safe environment for all onsite. Paul’s leadership onsite throughout the project has been exemplary, even in the most challenging situations.

Everett Adams - Senior Superintendent

Everett Adams was recognized for his dedication to safety and health on the Evergreen Walk Project. 

Evergreen Walk is a multifaceted project involving extensive site redevelopment and new building construction. Everett has successfully managed the inherent danger of multiple trades completing complex work simultaneously. During four separate inspections by Contractors Risk Management, there were zero safety or health infractions. Everett swiftly addressed any safety and health concerns efficiently. Everett is detailed and thorough in his knowledge of the work being performed, mitigating risk. He does not hesitate to ask meaningful questions and ensures he understands the answer well.  

For all that have worked with Everett, his concern for the productivity as well as the safety of all subcontractors and staff working on his sites are always of the highest priority.

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