New Trends – Kiosk Ordering

Kiosk ordering is a new concept that is taking the hospitality industry by storm. Restaurants owners are looking for ways to provide their customers with a more streamline ordering process that gives them more control and decreases wait times. We are not surprised that Shake Shack would be at the helm of this trend recently opening their first-ever cashless kiosk only location located at Astor Place in Manhattan, NY. cm&b has had the distinct pleasure of building multiple Shake Shacks throughout New York and Massachusetts each location being slightly different than the next. CEO Randy Garutti noted that Shake Shack Astor Place is “a location the company hopes to test a number of digital and hospitality innovations in this location before rolling them out elsewhere”. cm&b was excited to be the Construction Manager for this cutting edge location.

Project Highlights:

  • 2,500-SF interior fit-up at Astor Place in New York
  • This Shake Shack was a more complex fit-up due to the fact that the building lacked gas requiring all equipment to run on electricity
  • A second-floor mezzanine was built within the space in order to accommodate the MEPs
  • This particular location is directly above the St. John’s University Library Archives requiring a Pollution Control Unit to reduce odors escaping to spaces above


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