From the College Classroom to the Construction Site

PLEASE NOTE: This event took place in January
PRIOR to any COVID-19 rules or regulations.

This past January, CM&B hosted a group of students from the University of Hartford’s Materials and Methods of Construction course. Little did we know that this site visit to CM&B’s  Avon Town Village job site would prove to be the “calm” before the Covid-19 storm.

A lot can be learned in a classroom but experiencing  an active construction site brings learning and understanding to a higher level.

Ground-up construction of Avon Town Village with 5 New England style buildings totaling over 125,000-SF. Whole Foods Market will be the anchor tenant by occupying a 40,000-SF space. The scope of work includes significant site-work, infrastructure and internal roadways.
{Photo was taken Pre-COVID-19} Upon arrival each student received a CM&B field notebook and a site package with site plans and a short interval schedule. The day began with Safety Orientation – perhaps the most important aspect of any job. We covered protocols to keep team members, subcontractors and visitors safe while onsite.

Assistant Superintendent Andrew Anderson spoke briefly with the group. As a recent college graduate and former summer intern turned full time CM&B team member, Andrew was able to share his experiences and inspire the group about a career in construction post-graduation. Senior Superintendent Everett Adams then gave the students an overview of the site. Everett has over 30 years of field experience and walked the students through what a short interval schedule is and why it matters so much when building a project like this one. He also went through the plans for each building they would be touring on their site walk.

The students were exposed to steel erection on building R4 (Whole Foods Market), Foundation Forming on Building R8, the installation of water detention systems as well as backfilling and grading throughout the site. Students finished up the day at the job site trailer where they were able to ask questions about what they experienced.

Covid-19 has changed many things, but our job sites are still active and operating safely. CM&B looks forward to future opportunities to educate students about Construction Management as onsite learning is the best education there is.

We are People.Building.

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