Village Automotive Group – Boston Volvo – Boston, MA

This project can be summed by three words; history, people and building. There is the vast history of the building itself that will now be Village Automotive Group’s new headquarters. There are the people of Village Automotive Group that cm&b has built a relationship and history with. Lastly, is the building; this will be our 5th project with Village having built their Honda, Hyundai, Audi and Porsche Dealerships. Why does this matter? It matters because when you are building or creating anything it starts with a solid foundation.

Project Highlights:

  • Building was built in 1926 (+/-), former tractor factory
  • Complete demolition of the ground level connector building between 61 N Beacon Street and 65 N Beacon Street
  • Renovation of all 5 floors, including hazardous materials abatement of all floors and roof
  • First 3 floors to be Village Volvo. Section of 1st floor for future retail tenant and top 2 floors are future tenant space
  • New utility services brought in from the street
  • Removal of old passenger elevator exterior hoist way
  • New site drainage systems
  • New retaining wall
  • Total square footage is 70,000-SF


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