A Temporary But Creative Solution

Why should I engage a construction manager? Why should I pay for pre-construction services?

This is a question we are asked frequently. The truth is, it’s not the only construction delivery method, and it may not be appropriate for every project. However, for a large, complex project – especially in this chaotic climate of cost escalations and supply chain issues causing schedule delays – it’s the best investment you can make. One cost avoidance recommendation can make the difference between the project moving forward or getting stalled due to cost overruns. Early release of long-lead items can shave weeks off the schedule.

Such was the case for a cannabis cultivation facility in New Jersey. The CM&B team joined the team early and engaged in pre-construction services to provide greater certainty for a complex project. Below is a case study outlining the initial project challenges and how the team overcame them to create a predictable outcome: 

Sample Image of Grow Facility

THE CHALLENGE: 100K SF space required 5,500 AMP service at 480 volts. Supply chain issues put the switchboard lead time for anything over 1,200 amps at 52+ weeks. This timeframe did not align with our client’s needs and the overall schedule for the project.   

THE SOLUTION: Through a collaborative process with the engineer, utility company, electrician, and vendors, we collectively came up with a two-phased approach to enable our client to start grow production as quickly as possible with temporary power.

Scavenging from the existing power to the building, we were able to pull electricity to minimize essential areas of the enterprise. This initial phase turnover was a reduced-size production facility which allowed our client to begin production and release product to market and start generating revenue as quickly as possible while waiting for the long lead switch gear.

THE OUTCOME: Phase two of the project provided new, full electrical service to the completed facility’s development and production areas, allowing our client to maximize output and revenue.

Electrical Switchgear

How have you navigated the supply chain issues that have been plaguing the construction industry over the last two years? We’d love to hear from you and compare notes.

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