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Closter Plaza
Closter, New Jersey

EDENS is a nationally recognized real estate developer with over fifty years of experience shaping communities with innovative and high profile retail projects.  Eden’s had a vision of what could be, and it is clear that their vision was tremendous and they now have what the Closter community had desired for so many years.

The project required demolition of several existing structures and construction of new tenant spaces for all but a few of the tenants.  New buildings were built around existing buildings leading to a complexity of challenges of both logistical and engineering nature.  Anchor spaces were constructed for Whole Foods Market, Target, and Home Goods.  In addition to the anchor areas, there are 27 individual tenant spaces for a range of uses including service, retail, and restaurant tenants.  The total square footage of the new Closter Plaza is now 208,337 SF.

While executing an expansion and transformation of this retail center, it was essential to our client Edens that their brand architectural features were included within the design.  Features of stone, masonry and wood elements are utilized throughout the center using aesthetic materials that are consistent with many of Edens other retail centers.

In addition to the building construction, Closter Plaza received an entire site improvements design creating a look, feel and functionality consistent with Retail standards of today.  Traffice drives, walking plazas, parking design and landscape elements all contribute to the new retail center that now exists.

The revitalization of Closter Plaza has been ten years in the making and secured a great deal of positive feedback from everyone in the Closter community. cm&b is extremely proud of our role in the Closter Development and thrilled with the significant and beneficial impact it will have on their community.