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JRM GreenWorks
Peabody, MA

The new state of the art facility, called GreenWorks, benefits the City of Peabody by providing 40 full-time job opportunities, redeveloping an unoccupied, underutilized parcel of land, increased excise tax revenue, as well as water/sewer upgrades and new storm water collection/filtration system.

Project highlights included:

  • Ground-up construction of this 55,000-SF state-of-the-art recycling process center included site improvements for the 4-acre site.
  • The single story building has a height of 60’ from building slab to roof deck.
  • Project highlights include a gable roof that rests on specially designed steel joists spaced 7-ft apart- providing a 185-ft clear span, as well as an observation mezzanine for students and customers to view the GreenWorks process for educational purposes.
  • GreenWorks is the largest custom designed recycling center North of Boston.
  • 37,000 cubic yards of granite had to be blasted within 40 feet of a water tower. This required a specialized blast plan to ensure there would be no damage to the water tower. The plan included a specialized detonation system that used a computer chip in each detonator to assure the timing of the blast was precise.
  • Half of the rock was then crushed and used for the base material beneath the access road and parking areas.
  • GreenWorks recycles up to 30 tons an hour providing a great benefit to our environment.