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cm&b is proud of our history as a construction management firm providing professional planning and construction services throughout greater New England and the subsequent project portfolio generated by our comprehensive client list.  Concentrating our services on the retail, commercial, and industrial markets, cm&b has built strong and lasting relationships with our clients earning us their respect and the opportunity to reunite on additional projects. 

Project Delivery System

A culmination of construction’s best practices, cm&b’s project delivery system is the process we use to translate client requirements into all stages of construction from design through planning, from construction to maintenance.  Providing a consistent building approach complete with a series of checks and balances, this system promotes clarity, reduces costs and is imperative in achieving our goal of meeting all client objectives.  cm&b’s project delivery system co-ordinates all processes and trades and in doing so integrates and unifies all project team members.


cm&b provides a full compliment of pre-construction services including program management, design review, project planning and scheduling, to maximize client investments.  Our comprehensive construction management services include complete project coordination, cost management, long term as well as short term scheduling, vendor/subcontractor prequalification and selection, financial controls and systems, material and equipment verification along with a comprehensive systems training and warranty program.