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Xaverian Brothers High School
Westwood, MA

cm&b was selected by Xaverian Brothers High School, a premiere college preparatory school for boys, to complete the addition of a new academic wing. The expansion is part of the School’s overall strategic master plan for campus improvements and supports the school’s initiative to broaden its science and engineering program. 

Prior to construction, school administrators and science faculty visited several collegiate laboratories at Boston College, Stonehill College and Saint Francis University for design inspiration. The final concept includes three new 1,700 sf science and engineering labs complete with state-of-the-art equipment, eight-foot fume hoods and gel electrophoresis equipment for analyzing DNA. The expansion also includes the addition of five new classroom spaces totaling 4,150 sf. 

The cm&b team was challenged to complete the project within a short 24 week period. The permitting process took six weeks longer than anticipated which caused further schedule acceleration to accommodate the start of the new academic school year. Demolition, concrete foundations and steel erection all took place while the school was still in session and the interior was completed once the school was vacated for summer vacation at the end of June. The site logistics were challenging as access to the building was by means of a narrow fire lane winding around the rear of the campus site. 

The cm&b team worked diligently to coordinate final testing and inspections and developed a positive working relationship with Westwood town officials throughout the process.

“I have had the pleasure of working with cm&b on the construction of our classroom and science lab addition. Their work has been professional, timely, thorough, and saved us money by ensuring best pricing, and avoidance of delays. They were able to handle the obstacles presented to them on the project and always keeping me informed. It seemed to me that they were looking out for the best interests of the school and went to great lengths to minimize cost. The final building addition is beautiful, has a "WOW" factor and has become a valuable school asset. I would work with cm&b again, and highly recommend them.”

-Bro. Daniel Skala, C.F.X., Ph.D.
Xaverian Brothers High School