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Bernardi Auto Group

cm&b performed the ground-up construction of Bernardi Auto Group's new, two-story 64,000 sf Audi dealership adhering to the auto maker's newly released Terminal Image Program.  Located in Natick, MA, the new dealership boasts distinct architectural lines reminiscent of an airport terminal.  Design features include a two-story glass curtain wall with curved elements and interior showroom walls that simulate a banked race track.  In addition, the dealership has 15,000 sf of indoor parking storage on the second floor accessible from both the showroom and the building's exterior.

Adjacent to the new dealership project site, Bernardi Audi continued its day to day operations without interruption during any phase of the new construction including the extensive site work.  Once the new dealership was complete, cm&b demolished the old building and completed site development.

Project highlights included:

  • Two-story design, with Service and Parts on the lower level, allowed for optimal utilization of a small land parcel with only 20' grade change from east to west
  • Construction of the new dealership was completed with only 18' separating the existing dealership from the new building
  • Significant phasing during both construction and demolition required a detailed strategy to allow both construction and existing dealership operation to be successful
  • Geotechnical conditions required management of ledge and water issues
  • Steel erection required strict erection planning and material deliver sequencing due to the extremely small site and very large steel members
  • Project was executed within the scheduled 40 weeks, much during the winter


 “It was clear from the outset that cm&b brought a high-level of intensity and focus to the table that was not displayed by other contractors. We have never dealt with an organization that delivered such a high quality product on budget, on time, and who we enjoyed working with so much.”

Joel Richards,
General Manager, Bernardi Auto Group