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The Richard A. Littlefield Team Excellence Award

There are many definitions of what makes a good leader, but Richard A. Littlefield was the epitome of a great leader.  Dick Littlefield had the innate ability to recognize the strengths and hidden attributes in everybody he knew. Always capitalizing upon the positives and never harping on the negatives, Dick held the fervent belief that everyone has the potential to positively influence any situation. It was his mission to bring out the personal best in those he met and leave them with a sense of self worth and value. A compassionate leader who worked hard and never sacrificed his integrity or honesty, Dick Littlefield's guiding principle, to "always do the right thing for people", is the premise behind the award named in his honor. The Richard A. Littlefield Team Excellence Award is presented annually to an employee of cm&b who has shown exceptional personal growth as well as dedication to the cm&b team. 

Richard A. Littlefield Team Excellence Award Recipients 

       1996    Dawn Warner
       1997    Joseph Venie
       1998    Sean Fahy
       1999    Wendell Orton
       2000    Darlene Mack
       2001    Rob Harrison
       2002    Jeff Anderson
       2003    Katy Mitchell
       2004    Dick James
       2005    Val Cloutier
       2006    Tom Gallo
       2007    Steve Krauss
       2008    Emily Rose
       2009    John Chatfield
       2010    Emily Hursty
       2011    Len Cubellis
       2012    Marty Flannery
       2013    Peg Puopolo
       2014    Nick Carter
       2015    Alexis Silva
       2016    Jaclyn Keefe